Penny League is making investing accessible, relatable, and part of everyday life - for every woman around the world. 

Our Story

We’re Reena and Becky, the co-founders of Penny League.

When we reached 30, we started wondering about finances and investing. All our guy friends were talking about what "stonks” to buy on some gambling-like trading app, and we kept hearing the word Dogecoin everywhere.

Why weren’t we talking about it? Why weren’t we having investing conversations with our friends instead of just talking about our soul-crushing jobs or how that smoothie didn’t sit well?

After asking hundreds of other women, we realized we weren’t alone. Women feel left out and left behind, unsure where to start, and wondering if they need to be an “expert” before they could even start investing.

Only 26% of women are investing, compared to 43% of men the same age.

We're here to challenge these stats.

We believe every woman should have the tools, knowledge, community, and means by which to invest.

Financial independence is the ultimate feminist move. Knowing what to do with our money makes us stronger, more resilient, and powerful.

To make society more equitable, we have to know more than just salary negotiation and career advancement. We also need to invest and make our money work for us. Come join Penny League and help change the dialogue.